Cancer-Free-ish After 3 Years

It’s been 3 years now since this photo was taken, when I let my cancer complications pile up to almost the very last minute. Since that day, I spent a total of 10 weeks in the hospital, trained myself to walk miles a day after the blood clot in my left leg initially made me bunnyhop from the couch to the kitchen, and the brain tumor plus radiation played some sneaky tricks with the right half of my body. I typed up a will for my Cuz-bro here to execute (including the publication of a Book 4 outline on my FB page so none of you kind people would be left hanging). Happy to say that document will keep collecting cyber dust on my hard drive. I published Books 2 & 3, have majorly improved my book selling game, and have got the completion of my Epic Fantasy series well underway. In fact, it looks like I don’t even have cancer anymore, just the aftermath of those 2 cycles of brain tumor radiation—a situation which will continue to improve. Thanks big time to everyone for your warm support.


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