“What happens when evocative writing and compelling storytelling collide and fuse together? You get a powerhouse novel like C.L. Murray‘s A Facet for the Gem, a tale unfolding in a generously described and developed world … If you want writing that soars and inspires, prose that chooses every word with care and driving determination, you would do well to pick up this book and fly into a world the author has thoroughly crafted for us.” —Author Eduardo Suastegui

“C.L. Murray’s tale of a young man fleeing for his life and running straight into the arms of destiny is a top notch epic fantasy adventure. Morlen is a likeable hero whose strengths and weaknesses hit all the right marks. The villain, Felkoth is the quintessential megalomaniac. Each heinous act he perpetrates adds to the desperateness of the hero’s situation and greatly accelerates the plot. The budding friendship between Morlen and the eagle Roftome is a definite highlight … Packed with marvelous creatures, exciting action sequences and a journey of self-discovery, I wholeheartedly recommend A Facet for the Gem to any lover of fantasy.” —Tracey Maknis from The Qwillery

“An outstanding read recommended to all Epic Fantasy fans. There are a couple of in-air battles and they are epic, very well written and you really feel as though you are in the air experiencing the fighting. I commend Murray for getting these written so well as I can’t imagine finding the right words to write several pages of air based battle was easy.” —BrizzleLass Books



“A superb fantasy tale! If you are a fan of fantasy, then this one is a must-read! If you are a fan of Robin Hobb, then I suggest that you give Murray a shot, as there were some similarities, before Murray completely made it all his own. And for fans of Terry Goodkind, Murray explains the title of the book, brilliantly, just like one of Goodkind’s ‘Wizard’s Rules.’” Jason Berry (The Bonebreaker Blog)

“I loved this story. So richly filled with adventure that I could not put it down. Morlen and Roftome were the perfect characters and I intend to read all of the books.” —Dionne, Amazon Reviewer

“Positive message with exciting, action packed battles. Full of interesting characters with something unique to offer. Fun adventure tale with a focus on believing in one’s capacity to succeed.” —Colin, Amazon Reviewer